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Five DIY Procedures for Dog Parents

In this video, Dr. Sarah reveals the top five do-it-yourself tasks to ensure the health, longevity and happiness of dogs and cats. Dr. Sarah, who is a staff veterinarian for Life’s Abundance Premium Pet Food, covers record-keeping, grooming, dental care, nail trimming and even evidence collection (you’ll see). Given that dogs and cats are living longer than ever before, these are definitely things you should add to your regular routine.



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How To Clean Dogs Teeth Without Brushing…….Life’s Abundance Dental Wipes

Cleaning dogs teeth without brushingLooking for an easier way to clean your dogs teeth without brushing? Let’s face it, keeping your dogs teeth clean takes time and patience.



Life’s Abundance understands and has come up with easy-to-use wipes that will simplify your dog’s dental care routine.



Lifes Abundance dental wipesThese disposable wipes:

  • Are textured to grip dental debris
  • Contain safe ingredients so there’s no rinsing necessary
  • And best of all they have a great taste
  • They fight plaque and tartar buildup                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Super easy way to keep your dogs teeth clean!   
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How To Clean Dogs Teeth At Home

Brushing Your Dogs Teeth

It’s currently estimated that 80% of companion animals over age three suffer from ‘yuck mouth’. That’s right, even the most caring and devoted pet parents have been known to routinely relegate these duties to the ‘I Will Deal with this Tomorrow’ pile.

Take time out to learn just how easy it is to combat bad breath and defeat dental disease. Taking a few minutes to clean your dogs teeth at home may prove to be one of your best investments towards the long-term health and well-being of your dear companion.

Check out the all natural, easy to use Dental Wipes from Life’s Abundance CLICK HERE

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Safe Chew Treats For Dogs

Are the chew treats you are giving your dog safe? Here’s a great video by Dr. Sarah Wooten, staff veterinarian for Life’s Abundance Premium Pet Food, with tips on what you should and should not be giving your dog when it comes to chew treats.



If your dog routinely chews for 10-20 minutes or more at a time, you’d better be sure that it’s something safe, as anything this repetitive can have significant wear-and-tear on teeth and gums.

For a great selection of safe chew treats for dogs Click Here

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