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How To Trim A Dogs Nails

Nail trimming is a vital part of your pet’s healthcare routine. Unfortunately, it’s often neglected as many pet parents never receive any training about the best method for trimming nails safely. Watch this short video by Dr. Sarah Wooten, staff veterinarian for Life’s Abundance Premium Pet Food, for helpful tips for better nail care for your dog (and cat too!)

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Five DIY Procedures for Dog Parents

In this video, Dr. Sarah reveals the top five do-it-yourself tasks to ensure the health, longevity and happiness of dogs and cats. Dr. Sarah, who is a staff veterinarian for Life’s Abundance Premium Pet Food, covers record-keeping, grooming, dental care, nail trimming and even evidence collection (you’ll see). Given that dogs and cats are living longer than ever before, these are definitely things you should add to your regular routine.



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Booster Bathroom Tub For Dogs

Need a little help at bath time?

Tired of bending over the bathroom tub bathing your dog?


Well here’s a great solution to make it easy on your back and less stressful for your dog.

This elevated dog bathtub makes washing your dog a breeze.

There is even an optional ramp you can order to train your dog to get in and out on their own! You can use the booster bath inside or outside.

doggie elevated bath tub


It has rubber bumpers on the bottom of the legs to keep the doggy bath stationary when your dog enters or exits.


The mat inside is no slip which prevents your dog from slipping and sliding during bath time.


But most importantly, the bathtub is at your level!


That means no strained back for you!

And, right now there is free shipping on this awesome elevated dog bathtub. What are you waiting for?
Buy Booster Bathroom Tub For Dogs Here










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