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Special needs for handicapped and disabled dogs

My Dog Can’t Use His Hind Legs….Help!

schweizer-sennenhund-108590_640It’s a very helpless feeling to watch your dog not be able to walk on his hind legs. There are many reasons why this could happen including injury, arthritis, old age or even unknown causes.

Many older dogs can’t use their back legs because of some type degenerative disease. Taking them to a vet should be the first priority when this happens.

So many dogs who are otherwise in good health are unfortunately put down because of their lack of mobility. That’s so sad because there are options for a dog owner to consider.

dog  cannot use back legsDog wheelchairs have become very popular and can give a dog a second chance in life.  Dogs whose hind legs are not functioning correctly for whatever reason are able to have mobility again by using  their front legs as their back legs are supported by the “doggie wheels”.


dog hind legs can't walkIts amazing to watch how quickly they catch on to using their “new wheels”! They can even do their business while in their wheelchair!

Knowing that there is hope that your dog can get a new lease on life is a great feeling.


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Drag Bag For Paralyzed Dog

Walkin' Drag Bag

Looking for a drag bag for your paralyzed or handicapped dog? Drag bags are designed to use in the home when your dog is not in their cart that they use outside.

The drag bag shown above, sized for a dachshund, is a Walkin Wheels drag bag designed by Handicapped Pets.

It helps to prevents abrasions and sores that can be caused by scraping against the carpet, floor or any rough surface.

It also keeps bedding and blankets dry. It has a mesh panel for ventilation and is machine washable. It definitely helps to make your canine companion much more comfortable while they are inside.

Made in the USA and come in sizes XXSmall thru XXLarge.

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Buy Dog Wheelchair For Dachshund And Save

dog wheelchair for dachshundLooking for a wheelchair for your dachshund? Well right now you can save $50 when you place an order here at our site.

The veterinarian-approved Walkin’ Wheels is specifically designed to help animals with hip and leg problems including degenerative myelopathy, hip dysplasia, arthritis, paralysis, slipped disc, soreness, spinal and neurological problems, surgical recovery and more.

Walkin’ Wheels is one of the only dog wheelchairs on the market that is fully adjustable. That makes it so much easier to order as you don’t have to take complex measurements.

It ships the same day, and folds flat which makes it easy to transport and store. 

dachshund in wheelchair


Dachshunds can benefit greatly from this wheelchair and continue to enjoy their freedom.

They can do everything a normal dog can do….run, play in the water, and even do their business with it!

These are definitely dog wheelchairs small dogs will thrive in. Knowing your faithful friend can enjoy life once again is a great feeling!


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Walkin Wheels 4 Wheel Wheelchair

mini-4 wheel dog wheelchairThe Walkin Wheels 4 wheel wheelchair by Handicapped Pets is the perfect solution for your dog if they need additional support for their front legs.

This can make it much easier for your dog to walk and not get tired out as easily. These dog wheelchairs are customized for your dogs height and weight so the fit is just right.

So how do you know if your dog really needs front wheels too?

If your dog suffers from weakness in their front legs, then they would be a good candidate for a 4 wheel wheelchair rather than a 2 wheel one. The 4 wheel provides full support for your dog. You do have the option to remove the front wheels if your dog no longer needs them which is nice.

Some dogs might just need the full support until they recover from an injury or after a surgery. Each dogs situation is different. But most importantly , they are getting the physical therapy that they need which can improve physical as well as mental health.

Walkin Wheels gives your dog their freedom again and that is priceless. Be sure and get your Walkin Wheels Discount Coupon before you place your order. GET IT HERE


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Sling For Dog To Help With Walking

Walkin' Support Sling
Need a support sling to help your disabled or injured dog walk? Well Walkin Support Sling might be the answer you are looking for!


This dog support sling helps solve two problems. It makes it easier for your dog to get up and walk AND at the same time it protects YOUR back from the strain of trying to lift your dog!


Dogs need support slings from time to time whether its from an injury or rehab after some type of surgery or even if your dog needs a little assistance with their back legs getting up “because of arthritis or hip problems.

This comfortable support sling for dogs comes in all sizes (even for large dogs) and is machine washable.

So give your canine companion a little help and make it easy on yourself too.

To Buy The Walkin Support Sling, just click on the cute boxer below!

Walkin' Support Sling

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Dog Carts Disabled Dogs Will Love……Walkin Wheels!

handicapped dogLooking for a dog cart for your disabled dog? Well here’s one your canine companion will really enjoy and thrive with.

Handicapped Pets has been providing disabled dog products for over 10 years and these dog carts are bringing mobility and freedom to so many who desperately need it.

When you have a dog who is healthy in every other way, providing a dog wheelchair just makes so much sense. Imagine giving your dog a new lease on life. Being able to take walks with you each day (as so many dogs love to do), having the opportunity to play with other dogs again, and just the thought of them being able to be a “normal dog” again.

Walkin Wheels Dog Cart can be custom fit to your dogs size that way it will fit them perfectly.  In fact it is the only fully adjustable wheelchair on the market AND, you can get one with 2 wheels or a fully supportive quad wheelchair version! They fit any size dog, fold flat when transporting and and “yes” they can easily do their business in it just like any other normal dog!

These are definitely dog carts disabled dogs will love and thank you for with many wet kisses for sure!

Right now you can get $50 off on a Walkin Wheels dog cart. Just click on the banner below with the two cute dogs on it, then place your order and use the Walkin Wheels coupon code WWGA50.

Walkin Wheels Dog Wheelchairs

Walkin Wheels Discount Coupon Code

confused dog (2)Looking for a Walkin Wheels discount coupon code from Handicapped Pets?

Well you’ve come to the right place. Right now you can save $50 on a new handicapped dog wheelchair!

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Then place your order and enter the Walkin Wheels coupon code WWGA50 at checkout, and you’ll save $50 instantly!

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