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Calming Shirts Dogs Will Love To Wear

calming shirts dogsDog calming shirts are becoming increasingly popular with dog owners these days and rightly so. Our pets are part of our family. Calming shirts, like the Thundershirt for example, are designed to be worn when your dog or cat needs that extra security.

Some dogs are afraid of thunder and lightning. Others get nervous when new people come the house.

The calming shirt acts like a “security blanket” for your dog. It activates pressure points on your dog as it snugs them in and lets them know that everything is going to be alright.

If you are struggling with a dog who gets highly nervous in certain situations, you might want to give the calming shirt a try. It could make you, and your dog, feel a whole lot better!

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Thunder Shirts Dogs Reviews………..Definitely A Paws Up!

dog in thundershirtWell, the reviews are in and the Thundershirt is definitely getting a Paws Up! Lots of positive feedback from dog parents of much calmer dogs who have observed such a huge difference in their furbaby.

Trying to calm and reassure a dog who is afraid of thunder and lightening is a daunting task. Sometimes there is just nothing you can do unfortunately. But now, with help from the Thundershirt, pet parents have an option of trying something that just could help. And for many owners it has.

Something about being snugged up in a “Thundershirt” has a calming effect on dogs who use it. And any kind of calming effect is better than none at all for sure!

The Thundershirt comes in all sizes, easy to take on and off, and is machine washable. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try. It might be the best thing you ever did for you and your dog! Order here and get free shipping! 

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iCPooch Video Treat Dispenser Is Now Available

Away from your dog and feeling a little guilty? Well, iCPooch Video Treat Dispenser is the perfect solution to keep you and your dog connected even if you are away from home!

All you need for this remote dog treat dispenser is a wireless connection and a smartphone or tablet. That’s it! It will deliver a dog treat from the dispenser at the touch of a button.

You can actually two way video chat with your dog too!

Who would have ever thought? The iCPooch makes it possible for you and your canine companion to stay in touch even if you are away!

To find out how to get started with the iCPooch Click Here

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