Dog Carts Disabled Dogs Will Love……Walkin Wheels!

handicapped dogLooking for a dog cart for your disabled dog? Well here’s one your canine companion will really enjoy and thrive with.

Handicapped Pets has been providing disabled dog products for over 10 years and these dog carts are bringing mobility and freedom to so many who desperately need it.

When you have a dog who is healthy in every other way, providing a dog wheelchair just makes so much sense. Imagine giving your dog a new lease on life. Being able to take walks with you each day (as so many dogs love to do), having the opportunity to play with other dogs again, and just the thought of them being able to be a “normal dog” again.

Walkin Wheels Dog Cart can be custom fit to your dogs size that way it will fit them perfectly.  In fact it is the only fully adjustable wheelchair on the market AND, you can get one with 2 wheels or a fully supportive quad wheelchair version! They fit any size dog, fold flat when transporting and and “yes” they can easily do their business in it just like any other normal dog!

These are definitely dog carts disabled dogs will love and thank you for with many wet kisses for sure!

Right now you can get $50 off on a Walkin Wheels dog cart. Just click on the banner below with the two cute dogs on it, then place your order and use the Walkin Wheels coupon code WWGA50.

Walkin Wheels Dog Wheelchairs