My Dog Can’t Use His Hind Legs….Help!

schweizer-sennenhund-108590_640It’s a very helpless feeling to watch your dog not be able to walk on his hind legs. There are many reasons why this could happen including injury, arthritis, old age or even unknown causes.

Many older dogs can’t use their back legs because of some type degenerative disease. Taking them to a vet should be the first priority when this happens.

So many dogs who are otherwise in good health are unfortunately put down because of their lack of mobility. That’s so sad because there are options for a dog owner to consider.

dog  cannot use back legsDog wheelchairs have become very popular and can give a dog a second chance in life.  Dogs whose hind legs are not functioning correctly for whatever reason are able to have mobility again by using  their front legs as their back legs are supported by the “doggie wheels”.


dog hind legs can't walkIts amazing to watch how quickly they catch on to using their “new wheels”! They can even do their business while in their wheelchair!

Knowing that there is hope that your dog can get a new lease on life is a great feeling.


If you’d like to learn more about Doggie Wheelchairs, CLICK HERE

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