Natural Remedies For Dogs

natural remedies for dogsAre you looking for natural remedies for your dogs ailment or health problem? Well you are not alone.

So are many other doggie parents as well. The prospect of having to put your dog on antibiotics or long term drug therapy is not a happy thought for sure.

Fortunately there are alternatives that are safe, natural and have virtually no side effects.

Take epsom salts just for an example. Did you know that it has incredible healing value when it comes to wounds and and skin irritations on dogs? Our new dog who we rescued was having a terrible time with her incision from being spayed. The inside stitches were not wanting to dissolve and because of that it would not heal on the outside. An epsom salt solution worked wonders on her. So simple but so effective.

There are also natural remedies for dogs designed specifically for those who have problems with arthritis, skin allergies, thyroid, you name it and they work very well. This being said, there are times when drug therapy is in order but it always pays to do your due diligence and consider all your options. If there is a natural, holistic approach that could help your dog, it is definitely worth taking a look at.

Hopefully you will find some answers here on our site that will help you with that special need you have for your dog:-) Be sure and use the search bar at the top right of this page if you have something in particular you are looking for. Wishing you all the best!