Sling For Dog To Help With Walking

Walkin' Support Sling
Need a support sling to help your disabled or injured dog walk? Well Walkin Support Sling might be the answer you are looking for!


This dog support sling helps solve two problems. It makes it easier for your dog to get up and walk AND at the same time it protects YOUR back from the strain of trying to lift your dog!


Dogs need support slings from time to time whether its from an injury or rehab after some type of surgery or even if your dog needs a little assistance with their back legs getting up “because of arthritis or hip problems.

This comfortable support sling for dogs comes in all sizes (even for large dogs) and is machine washable.

So give your canine companion a little help and make it easy on yourself too.

To Buy The Walkin Support Sling, just click on the cute boxer below!

Walkin' Support Sling

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