Walkin Wheels 4 Wheel Wheelchair

mini-4 wheel dog wheelchairThe Walkin Wheels 4 wheel wheelchair by Handicapped Pets is the perfect solution for your dog if they need additional support for their front legs.

This can make it much easier for your dog to walk and not get tired out as easily. These dog wheelchairs are customized for your dogs height and weight so the fit is just right.

So how do you know if your dog really needs front wheels too?

If your dog suffers from weakness in their front legs, then they would be a good candidate for a 4 wheel wheelchair rather than a 2 wheel one. The 4 wheel provides full support for your dog. You do have the option to remove the front wheels if your dog no longer needs them which is nice.

Some dogs might just need the full support until they recover from an injury or after a surgery. Each dogs situation is different. But most importantly , they are getting the physical therapy that they need which can improve physical as well as mental health.

Walkin Wheels gives your dog their freedom again and that is priceless. Be sure and get your Walkin Wheels Discount Coupon before you place your order. GET IT HERE


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